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Birthdate:Oct 2, 1990

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My name is Evan. Previously I went by Aenrhien, but have since decided to match my gaming and fandom handles together, because I'm sick of trying to remember who knows me as which handle. I'm a twenty-six year old transgender male, he/him pronouns, homoflexible, white, areligious. I find politics boring most days, and have minimal interest in talking about social justice issues with the majority of people. I'm not saying that to be some kind of deep asshole, I just don't want to get into a fight with someone about it.

I write a lot, which can be found on my AO3 profile. I'm also currently the lore writer for Ember Online, a still in testing graphical MUD being developed by some former players from Realms of Kaos, which is now defunct. We are not, however, an offshoot of Realms, our world and lore are completely original, and many of out mechanics are different.
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